For Employers

Our firm has 30 years of experience finding the highest caliber attorneys for our clients to hire within their budgets. Our recruiting process is unique and thorough. More than 80% of our attorney search assignments are completed after forwarding five or fewer résumés for our clients to review, saving them time, money, and the frustration generated from advertising and self-sourcing for candidates.  

Aaron Consulting, Inc. offers: 

  • Three decades of experience recruiting for the in-house attorney market.  This focus helps us better understand the subjective criteria related to finding an excellent fit with each client’s “corporate personality.” 
  • Thorough candidate sourcing, either for your particular location or nationwide. 
  • Quick results.  Because of multiple databases created over two decades, we are able to expeditiously identify all potential candidates, including those not in our files, in less than two weeks for local-only searches and within 30 days for nationwide searches.
  • Compensation strategy design and implementation.  Because of our years of specialized experience, we offer our clients advice on how to create a compensation package sufficient to attract the most qualified candidates.  All candidates are screened within the parameters of your budget. 
  • “Conflict-free” sourcing, avoiding those entities or individuals whom, for whatever reason, should not be contacted.
  • Detailed résumés from candidates, all submitted in the same easy-to-read format, sufficient to eliminate the majority of objective, qualifications-related questions.
  • A 180-day candidate placement guarantee.
  • Reduced fees for multiple placements or candidates that you refer to us for screening. 
Please note, Aaron Consulting, Inc. does not recruit from active clients (i.e. “raid” your company) and never recruits placed candidates.  We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate with regard to race, creed, disability, ethnicity, gender, age, or sexual orientation in referring candidates to clients.